Potential Students/Collaborators

If you are interested in working with me, then send me an email at and we can discuss various possibilities. A useful list of potential sources of funding has been compiled on the here.



  • Dr Mykyta Chubynsky – is studying the solidification of molten metal microdroplets whose dynamics govern the quality of 3D ‘metaljet’ printed products in collaboration with researchers at Nottingham and Birmingham Universities as part of a Programme Grant into Next Generation Additive Manufacturing.
  • Dr Jack Keeler – is looking into the 3D instabilities seen in numerous free surface flows, including dynamic wetting, as part of an US-UK (CBET-EPSRC) grant between Warwick, Oxford and Minnesota.

Mentoring Fellowship Winners

  • Dr Shiwani Singh – is studying multiscale viscoelastic phenomena using new kinetic models for polymer dynamics. She was initially funded by an EPSRC Programme Grant, but has now won a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship to continue this research.


  • Nathan Coombs – is part of the CDT in Mathematics and is studying the evaporation of liquid droplets, with applications to the 3D Printed Electronics, with researchers at Nottingham as part of a Programme Grant into Next Generation Additive Manufacturing.
  • Peter Lewin-Jones – is a HetSys CDT student conducting research into the patterns discovered under liquid drops impacting hot surfaces.
  • Jingbang Liu – is a HetSys CDT student studying the fluctuations of contact lines.

Undergraduate (4th year projects)



  • Dr Indrajit Chakraborty (2019-2021) – worked on the Leidenfrost effect, building a new computational framework for the dynamics of these droplets and then investigating elastic fluid-filled spheres.
  • Dr Arshad Kamal (2021) – looked at using fundamental solutions to describe the dynamics of suspensions. He subsequently took up a long-term PDRA in Engineering at Warwick.
  • Dr Laura Cooper (2017-2020) – studied pore scale elastic turbulence, with applications to two phase flow in porous media, funded by an EPSRC project between Warwick and Birmingham. Laura left to take up a permanent position in Warwick’s Medical School.
  • Dr Vinay Kumar Gupta (2017-2019) – was funded by a Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowship and had a background in modelling the flow of granular gases and rarefied gas mixtures by exploiting moment methods. Vinay left for a lectureship at IIT Indore.
  • Dr Anirudh Singh Rana (2016-2019) – was a PDRA and then Marie Curie Sklodowska Fellowship in the Institute of Advanced Study who worked on evaporation at the nanoscale. Anirudh left for a lectureship at BITS Pilani (India).
  • Dr Alex Patronis (2015-2016) – was an EPSRC Doctoral Prize winner studying non-equilibrium gas dynamics in impact problems. Left to become a PDRA at University College London
  • Dr Yuan Li (2013-2014) – lead research on the pinch-off project. Left to become a PDRA at the University of Birmingham.


  • Dr Yixin Zhang (2017-2020 then 2020-2021 as PDRA) – looked into the breakup of thin liquid nano-films using molecular dynamics and fluctuating hydrodynamics.
  • Dr Chengxi Zhao (2016-2020 then 2020-2021 as PDRA) – studied the breakup of nano-jets/films, using molecular dynamics and fluctuating hydrodynamics. He then joined the Unversity of Science and Technology of China on a prestigious chinese fellowship.
  • Dr Jesse Pritchard (2016-2021) – conducted experiments and developed computational models for liquid marble formation.
  • Dr Jonathan Simmons (2011-2015) – worked on the bubble formation project (viva passed in June 2015). Joined the Marston Group as a PDRA at Texas Tech.

PhD Mini-Project

  • Mr Jeremy Reizenstein (2014) – put Knudsen effects into drop impact phenomena. Went on to study for a PhD in Complexity Science at Warwick
  • Mr Conor Finn (2014) – developed computational methods for drop dynamics. Left to study for a PhD at the University of Sydney.


  • Mr Salah Kouhen studied the dynamics of fluctuating coalescing nanodrops. Salah left to do a PhD at Oxford.
  • Mr Tom de Fraja looked into the evaporative cooling from nanopores. He was then funded by an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account to look into the mathematical modelling of evaporation at the nanoscale, for applications to new thermal management techniques, alongside Bell Labs. He subsequently went on to a PhD at Heriot-Watt.
  • Mr Vinny Dhillon & Mr Simon Marshall studied grain development in solidifying molten metal. Simon left to do a PhD at Leiden.
  • Mr Michal Moravec & Mr Stepan Marek (2018-2019) – studied the solidification of molten metal droplets. Michal left to do a PhD at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden.
  • Mr Luke Walsh & Ms Beth Kynman (2018-2019) – looked into the breakup of liquid threads. Luke went on to become a deployments engineer.
  • Mr Joe Blake & Mr Michael Negus (2017-2018) – studied the growth of vapour nanobubbles. Both left to take up PhD positions: Joe at Delft and Michael at Oxford.
  • Mr Rory Claydon & Mr Abhay Shrestha (2016-2017) – developed fundamental solutions for R13, work which was published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Rory went on to do a PhD at Edinburgh and Abhay left to do Part III at Cambridge, then a PhD at Kings College London.
  • Mr Ed Skevington (2013-2014) – extended the spreading of drops over/into porous media project. Went to study for a PhD at Bristol


  • Mr David Johnson (2013-2014) – studied the oscillation of liquid drops